After months of work The Allan Rodgers Team of Fonville Morisey Realty is pleased to introduce a comprehensive new resource for Raleigh home buyers and sellers. With the launch of MyHomeRaleigh.comhome buyers & sellers in greater Raleigh and Wake County now have access to state of the art tools, current information, service providers, insightful market data and helpful tips custom tailored to the Raleigh market place.

Team leader Allan Rodgers worked closely with site developers, local professionals and team members to create a place where visitors can find market specific data within the framework of a world class website. "An overarching theme when creating this site was to design a user friendly place to research Raleigh Real Estate where information is abundant, current, accurate and presented in a way that appeals to a broad range of visitors with dynamic needs" says Allan. "When you want a global or general perspective on current events you might select CNN, Fox News or any number of other sources that report on national and world news. Conversely, when you need news and information specific to your community you might select a local news broadcast that reports events and announcements having an impact closer to home. In the online real estate environment or Zillow would be the equivalent of the National and World news sources. They tend to be very general when presenting matters related to the home buying and selling processes. is just the opposite. The site incorporates a small amount of national real estate related content with an abundance of market specific data and local information that's more relevant to home buyers and sellers in greater Raleigh".

Highlights of the new site include easy to use home search features with quick links based on their preferred criteria. "If you're looking for a home priced between $200,000 and $300,000 in Cary you'll find a link delivering that specific information to you with just one click." exclaims Rodgers. "If you want to see everything for sale in Apex one click will take you there". One very special feature of the site is designed for condo buyers and sellers inside Raleigh's beltline. Allan explains "We're seeing an increasing number of condo buyers who want to own condominium homes Inside the Beltline (or ITB). In an effort to highlight that very defined segment of our market the site offers a hyper-specific search feature entitled ITB Raleigh Condos. The feature saves ITB condo buyers and sellers time by furnishing information with exclusive results. You won't find this feature on, Zillow, Trulia, or the other general real estate sites". 

Users expect high quality, appropriately sized images and interactive mapping functions. MyHomeRaleigh delivers by partnering with Triangle Multiple Listing Service (TMLS) and Google Maps to deliver features allowing you to receive directions to the property, aerial and street views of the neighborhood plus nearby attractions combined with high quality images of the property you're viewing. These thoughtful details help the site visitor analyze the compatibility of the listing whether they're one mile away or thousands of miles from the property. Rodgers says "We think these features are time savers that buyers will appreciate and want to use regularly when searching for their new home. Sellers will also find this functionality useful when comparing their existing property to similar homes on the market".  

While the site is live and ready to welcome visitors Allan Rodgers states their work on is not complete. "This online tool is a living breathing entity that must adapt to changing technology and consumer preferences. We'll constanty introduce new tools, features and data enhancing the visitor experience". Already in the works is the inclusion of local market videos featuring members of The Allan Rodgers team presenting various aspects of the greater Raleigh community. The videos will be offered in an effort to familiarize new or future residents with popular communities, neighborhoods, sites, events and more.

To experience the site for yourself go to or simply click HERE